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Editor's Picks

The American Film Institute's top 100 movies is a great source for classic films Here's just a couple of recommendations: If you haven't yet seen it, Citizen Kane is the compelling story of the rise and fall of a media mogul, and an absolute must in any serious movie collection. Rated the No.1 American movie of all time it still plays superbly. The black and white picture for this 1941 classic looks fantastic in the latest editions and there are loads of fascinating background extras on the making of this justfiably revered film.

Also worth checking out is this 2007's biggest mover on the list - The Searchers - which bounded from No. 95 to No. 12! Arguably the greatest film made by John Wayne, the project teamed him in 1956 with his favourite director, the legendary John Ford, in an epic wild west tale of revenge and redemption. The remastered picture is superb and there are lots of documentaries and extra features in the two-disc edition.




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