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3:10 To Yuma (1957)


Cast: Glenn Ford, Van Heflin.

Rating: PG.

Run time: 92 mins

Genre: Western

Verdict: Beautiful (see rating system)

It will be interesting to see what Russell Crowe and Christian Bale make of this classic 1950s western when their September 2007 version is released.

Whatever - it's nice just to see westerns still being made!

The original features some pretty good acting, though it lacks pace and excitement - funny how much better it seemed when I was young! A factor probably is the comparison with the faster, all-action tempo of today's movies. That said, The classic John Ford/John Wayne movie The Searchers is a long, often leisurely ride, but it hasn't dated a bit.

Here, Van Heflin plays rancher Dan Evans, who stumbles across a stagecoach holdup while loking for some lost cattle. The outlaw gang is led by the ruthless Ben Wade (Glenn Ford), who kills the driver and warns Evans now to interfere. As a precaution, he takes the horses so Evans and the stagecoach passengers can't quickly raise the alarm.

After getting the dust out of thier throats in a newby town saloon the gang breaks up and plans to meet later. However, entranced by a lonely saloon girl (Felicia Farr), Wade stays in town too long and is captured by the sheriff.

As in High Noon, the town's menfolk lose their nerve when it comes to getting Wade out of town so he can stand trial. So Evans and the town drunk agree to help the sheriff for $200 each.

With the gang in hot pursuit, getting Wade to the 3;10 to Yuma train that will take him to trial becomes a cat and mouse game.

The acting is solid and the restored black and white picture is good.



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