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I Dream Of Jeannie: Fifth And Final Season (1970)


Cast: Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman.

Rating: NR

Run time: 628 mins (4 discs).

Genre: TV

Verdict: Beautiful (see rating system)

Wow - it's almost 40 years since teenage boys (like yours truly) sprawled in front of their TVs and dreamed of little other than the delicious Barbara Eden as she scampered around in revealing costumes in this comedy sitcom.

Was there ever a more classy bare midriff on TV?!

Well, Sony finally reaches the end of this cult favourite with the release of the fifth and final season in this four-DVD set.

Everyone remembers the basic story: NASA astronaut Tony (Larry Hagman) splashes down in the Pacific near a deserted tropical island and discovers a "Jeannie" (Eden) in a bottle ready to obey his every request. It didn't sound like much of a prospect when it kicked off in 1965, but witty scripts and the chemistry of the two leads stretched the premise over 139 episodes from 1965-1970 and it remains a fondly remembered show with a loyal following.

Fans should be delighted with the picture and sound in this set - the colour looks particularly vivid. I just wish there were some extra features like cast interviews.

Jeannie's spells frequently get Tony into trouble and his embarrassed attempts to explain moving objects and magical occurences provides much humour. There was also a layer of definite sexual tension (and come controversy) around the show as it depicted a single guy living with a glamorous companion. The final season neatly closed the door on that little scandal by having Tony and Jeannie get married!

It's tame by today's sitcome standards, but consistently charming. Barbara - we still love ya!



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