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A Perfect Day (2007)


Cast: Rob Lowe, Peget Brewster, Frances Conroy, Christopher Lloyd.

Rating: NR

Run time: 91 mins

Genre: Christmas

Verdict: Beautiful (see rating system)

Based on the best-selling inspirational book by Richard Paul Evans, this is a perfect morality tale for the Christmas season.

Rob Lowe (why don't we see more of this guy on the big screen?) plays thirtysomething radio ad executive Robert Harlon, who shows up to work one day with plans to improve the bottom line and finds himself fired as the station looks to younger employees for ideas.

While he hunts unsuccessfully for work, Robert is encouraged by his wife (Paget Brewster) to finish a novel he's long been working on. Based on her emotions when her father was dying, the book proves inspirational to her, but fails to make a dent with literary agents.

Soon, Robert finds himself digging holes with a pickaxe on a construction site and getting more depressed about the future.

Then the miracle happens. A small New York literary agent (Frances Conroy) takes on Robert's book and wins him an amazing deal. With a huge advance to relieve his financial worries, Robert embarks on a national book promotion tour and TV interviews with the likes of Larry King.

Robert has rooms at the best hotels, enthusiastic fans, big-time agents wanting to sign him and talk of a motion picture deal - little wonder it all goes to his head and he neglects his wife and young daughter.

Only a mysterious stranger (Christopher Lloyd) is on hand to warn Robert about the mess he's creating - and the fact he only has days to live...

Nicely acted and with a good script, this is a good flick for the whole family to enjoy at Christmas.




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