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Bowfinger (1999)


Cast: Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Heather Graham.

Rating: PG-13.

Run time: 82 mins

Genre: Comedy.

Verdict: Beautiful (see rating system)

Critics were lukewarm over this 1999 box office hit for Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy, but audiences said it was one of the best comedy movies of the year.

Martin plays Bobby Bowfinger, an aspiring producer/director who never made it in Hollywood.

Armed with a dubious script called "Pudgy Rain", "borrowed" equipment and a cast of misfits including Heather Graham as an aspiring starlet straight off the bus from Ohio who is prepared to sleep her way to the top, and an aging actress who already had her five minutes of fame (Christine Baranski), Bowfinger sets to work.

Problem: he needs a star.

Enter Kit Ramsay (Murphy), the hottest, nuttiest name in Hollywood. He won't give Bowfinger the time of day, but he "stars" in the movie anyway as Bowfinger secretly films him going about his life.

The scene of the increasingly paranoid Ramsay being stalked in an underground garage by a dame in high heels is just one of many hilarious moments. Yes, it's completely silly, but a great cast plays it to the hit. Look out for Robert Downey Jnr, Terence Stamp and Barry Newman in supporting roles.

It's got everything - from space aliens and car chases to a Kung Fu finale that really kicks butt!

How much do I like this movie? I went and saw it three times in one week - my kids think I'm Craaazy!!

Definitely one of the best comedy movies.



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