Bruce Willis Die Hard Collection (2007)

20th Century Fox

Cast: Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, Jeremy Irons, Samuel L. Jackson.

Rating: R

Run time: 124-131 mins

Genre: Action

Verdict: Beautiful (see rating system)

Buckle up for the ultimate thrill ride.

This four-DVD set contains the three Die Hard movies plus more than an hour of extra features.
Released ahead of this summer’s much anticipated fourth instalment of the Die Hard franchise - Live Free or Die Hard - this set packs a mighty wallop.

Until the first Die Hard movie in 1988, Bruce Willis was best known as the co-star (alongside Cybill Shepherd) of the slighty sappy Moonlighting TV comedy/drama. Die Hard propelled Willis into the ranks of movie superstars, taking $138 million at the box office - remember this was almost 20 years ago.

Willis played police officer John McClane, who finds himself the only cop in the building when a group of terrorists takes over a Los Angeles office tower. Adding tension is the fact that McClane’s estranged wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) is among the hostages. Brit actor Alan Rickman, often associated with costume dramas like Sense and Sensibility, makes a terrific villain here, playing the icy leader of the terrorists, Hans Gruber. Audiences chewed their fingernails off hoping the hopelessly outgunned McClane could rescue the hostages and wipe out the riff raff.

A sequel was inevitable, and proved even more successful. Die Hard 2 (Die Harder) in 1990, found McClane fighting a band of terrorists led by a seriously disturbed American military officer, Col. Stuart (William Sadler). McClane’s wife Holly (Bedelia) once again figured, finding herself stuck in a plane low on fuel and forced to circle over the airport.
Audiences were again thrilled, filling theatres to the tune of $239 million.

Die Hard : With A Vengeance flexed even bigger box office muscle in 1995, making $361 million. It was the second biggest grossing movie of the year behind Toy Story. This time, McClane faced the formidable Simon (Jeremy Irons in a great villainous turn) who plots to blow up New York City. Samuel L. Jackson co-stars.

A great set for action fans.



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