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Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)


Cast: Bruce Campbell, Ossie Davis, Ella Joyce.

Rating: R.

Run time: 95 mins

Genre: Comedy.

Verdict: Beautiful (see rating system)

This is definitely a hunka burning movie fun.

A hilarious comedy-come-horror, it builds on this thought: What if it was an Elvis impersonator who died in Graceland 1977, and not The King himself?

That's the premise of this laugh-out-loud piece of fantasy, which has an aging Elvis (Bruce Campbell) anonymously living out his last days in a seniors home in Mud Creek, Texas. Years earlier, tired of the touring and showbiz lifestyle, Elvis had changed places with an impersonator — that would be the guy with the bad heart who ultimately died in Graceland.

(Maybe that would also explain the bloated Elvis fans saw in the 1970s. Maybe the supermarket tabloids should follow up...)

Actually, the whole plot reads like one of those weird fictional tabloid tales: Elvis and fellow nursing home resident Ossie Davis (who believes he's JFK despite being black) discover a 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy (dressed as a cowboy) is killing their fellow residents so he can get energy from sucking the souls out of their bodies. Did I mention the home also has The Lone Ranger?

I know, I know - it sounds terrible, but you have to see it to believe it. Five minutes and Bruce Campbell will have you believing he really is the aged Presley - he's that good. From muttering out loud about his embarrassing medical condition and impotence to thinking about the gppd old days with Priscilla, Campbell's Elvis is a marvellous performance.

With the mummy closing in for the kill, can The King still "take care of business"?

Released theatrically by MGM in 2002, this 2006 DVD special release features lots of extras and comes in a fun miniature Elvis jacket package.

It's one of the best comedy movies of recent years. Thank you . . . thank you very much!



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