Celine Dion Live In Las Vegas (2007)


Cast: Celine Dion.

Rating: G

Run time: 300 mins

Genre: Music

Verdict: Bland (see rating system)

I know her fans will love this generously-loaded 2-DVD set, but I find the show too slick for its own good.

Dion seems to polarize music lovers - they either love her to a degree that's scary (see one of the documentaries included here), or hate her simpering delivery with a passion.

Me? I'm doggedly neutral - she just doesn't move me at all.

What I won't argue with is the fact she delivers value for money here. in addtion to one of her sellout performances from A New Day - the four-year record-breaking engagement at Caesars’s Palace - there are hours of extra features on her Las Vegas life, rehearsals, back stage, family etc. There's also a look at those fanatical fans. Some flew to Vegas from as far as China, Europe and Africa to catch the show. A few showed up 40, 50 or 60 times. One woman, reputedly, came 100 times!! Astonishing. Even Dion seems taken aback by the adulation as she meets selected fans before a concert.

The show is a true Vegas spectacular, with dozens of dancers, some flying on wires above the huge stage. Visual effects include flocks of birds flying towards the horizon.

Dion is clinically note perfect as usual, but she hasn't got the emotional power of a Barbra Streisand, who doesn't need distracting props to hold an audience. Truth is, Dion's material is mediocre, dull ballads mostly. She only sparks to life in a few numbers - notably “I Drove All Night” and “River Deep, Mountain High”.

It inevitably ends with “My Heart Will Go On”, an overblown tribute to an overblown movie, Titanic, but the sellout crowd loves it.

Like a candy bar that's quickly forgotten 5 minutes after being consumed, this release is musically unsatisfying. But I've no doubt those fans will love it.



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