Diamond Head: To The Devil His Due (2006)

MVD Visual

Cast: Brian Tatler, Nick Tart, Karl Wilcox, Eddie Moohan, Adrian Mills..

Rating: G

Run time: 142 mins.

Genre: Music

Verdict: Beautiful (see rating system)

Revered in metal music circles, veteran British band Diamond Head is enjoying a revival that's included a very succesful tour with Megadeth, a CD and this DVD.

Though guitarist Brian Tatler is the only survivor of the band he helped found in 1976, Diamond Head has managed to retain its distinctive sound thanks to original songs that have stood the test of time.

Hailing from the Birmingham area of England - home to so many great metal bands includiung Black Sabbath and Judas Priest - Diamond Head decided from the start to focus on original songs. Their refusal to play play covers - aside from Black Sabbath's Paranoid - marked Diamond Head as something specia and Megadeth and Metallica have both cited the band as an important influence.

Disbanded and reformed several times over the past 31 years, with more than a dozen performers, Diamond Head now boasts a very strong 5-man lineup and a powerful lead singer in Nick Tart.

This concert was recorded at London's Astoria in 2005 and finds the band on top form in 15 of its classics, including Am I Evil?, It's Electric, Sucking My Love and Helpless.

This is straight ahead metal rock featuring tight drumming from Karl Wilcox and some sizzling solo work by Tatler. It's very well recorded - crank up the volume for a real head-shaking experience(!) - and the DVD also includes some interesting interviews with band members plus recording studio footage.



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