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Dinner For Schmucks Blu-ray/DVD (2010)


Cast: Steve Carell, Paul Rudd.

Rating: PG-13.

Run time: 82 mins

Genre: Comedy.

Verdict: Bland (see rating system)

Though there are some decent laughs here, I found it hard to warm to Dinner for Schmucks .

Tim Rudd plays Tim, an aspiring executive with a gorgeous, smart girlfriend Julie (Stephanie Szostak) and the chance of a big promotion he hopes will impress her enough to get her to say "yes" and marry him.

Just one thing lies between Tim and that big job - he must find a schmuck to entertain his slimy boss (Bruce Greenwood) at a monthly dinner party he hosts. Top prize goes to the executive who brings the biggest idiot to these dinners.

Julie thinks the idea is horrible, and though Tim promises her he won`t go through with it, he really wants that job. So when Tim literally runs into Barry (Steve Carell), a goofy loner who recreates historical scenes using stuffed, dead mice, he figures he`s on to a winner . . . with a loser.

But Barry causes chaos in Tim`s life before they even get to the dinner party and Tim soon finds himself dumped by Julie.

It`s all a little too strange and out there, though Carell is on top form as usual.

A couple of good featurettes are included.



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