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Just Write (1997)


Cast: Jeremy Piven, Sherilyn Fenn, Jobeth Williams.

Rating: PG-13

Run time: 95 mins

Genre: Romantic

Verdict: Beautiful (see rating system)

I can't rave enough about this charming romantic comedy from early in Jeremy Piven's career.

Piven is perfect as humble Hollywood tour bus driver Harold, a man who loves the movies and often despairs of the clueless tourists who don't appreciate his encyclopedic knowledge of the movie business.

Harold works with his dad (Alex Rocco in a gruff, amusing performance) and the business is struggling. Harold also has a non-existent love life, until one evening he pops by the bar where his friend Danny (Jeffrey D. Sams) is a bartender. There, meeting with her agent Sidney Stone (JoBeth Willams) is Harold's favourite movie star, Amanda Clark (the gorgeous Sherilyn Fenn).

While Sidney slips out to take a call, Harold summons up the courage to say "Hi" to Amanda. Through a bizarre misunderstanding, she believes him to be an accomplished screenwriter who just might be able to help rework her troubled latest project - so she arranges to meet him next day.

It sounds a stretch, but with a smart script perfectly played by a talented cast, you can almost see this happening: the little guy getting a completely accidental free ride to the inside world of Hollywood. Hey, when I see films like Norbit I can see ANY Hollywood tour bus driver writing a better script.

Numerous complications ensue as Harold tries to stay one step ahead of Sidney Stone, Amanda's jealous boyfriend and the truth - while trying to rewrite her script. With great LA locations, a rockin' soundtrack featuring the likes of Don's McLean's American Pie, Here We Are (Gingersol) and I Can Only Hear The Rhythm (Andrea De Valois), this is a gem of a movie.



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