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Miami Vice: Season 5 (1988-89)


Cast: Don Johnson, Philip Michael Thomas, Rita Moreno, Pam Grier.

Rating: NR

Run time: 17 hrs, 38 mins.

Genre: TV

Verdict: Beautiful (see rating system)

With kick-ass Dolby 5.1 surround sound, loads of action, the bad and the beautiful of Miami locations and strong performances, fans will love this collection of all 21 episodes from the final season of Miami Vice.

An Emmy-award winning detective show, Miami Vice racked up 114 episodes over five seasons from 1984-89. As with hit crime shows from earlier generations like The Streets of San Francisco (Karl Malden and Michael Douglas), Miami Vice featured great chemistry between the two leads. Don Johnson played local vice cop Sonny Crockett with insolent charm, casually dressed to the point of sloppiness, while Philip Michael Thomas brought a quiet dignity and strength (not to mention a keen sense of dress style) to the role of his partner, Rico Tubbs, a former New York detective.

Miami's underworld drug culture provided many storylines for the show and the first two episodes of the series - Hostile Takeover and Redemption in Blood - are prime examples. With Crocket suffering amnesia as the result of an accident, he's forgotten his police past, joined the bad guys and is rising through the ranks with calculated ruthlessness.

Thanks to a drug war between rival gangs, Sonny soon finds himself top dog and negotiating multi-million-dollar drug deals - and trying to stay one step ahead of the cops. But when Tubbs comes calling disguised as a Jamaican drug kingpin, a glimmer of recognition dawns. There's just one problem - Sonny has killed a cop and tried to also kill Tubbs.

Joe Santos, who played Sgt. Dennis Becker in The Rockford Files a decade earlier, does a great job here as a ruthless drug lord.

From tracking down the killers of prostitutes to protecting a valuable witness, Crockett and Tubbs have their hands full in every episode. The music, from the likes of U2, Guns N' Roses and The Cure, is fabulous, there are staggeringly beautiful women in every episode and the action rarely flags.

And did I mention those famous high performance cars?!

A shame this excellent set doesn't include some extras, like cast interviews.



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