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Premonition (2007)


Cast: Sandra Bullock, Julian McMahon, Nia Long, Kate Nelligan.

Rating: PG-13

Run time: 96 mins

Genre: Science fiction/fantasy

Verdict: B.S. (see rating system)

I put this turkey under science fiction/fantasy because clearly all concerned were on some kind of space trip when they made it.

Maybe "Horror" would have fit better considering the quality of the script.

Sandra Bullock is curiously detached in the role of Linda Hanson, a suburban mother with the perfect husband, Jim (Julian McMahon), two perfect daughters and the perfect house.

All this perfection is shattered one day when a cop arrives on the doorstep to tell her Jim has died in a terrible highway collision with a semi. Her mother (Kate Nelligan) comes over to console her, take care of the girls and spend the night.

To this point the movie seems plausible and we wait for things to get really interesting. Instead, Linda wakes up next morning to a 1980s Bobby Ewing/Dallas moment: Jim is alive and well and taking a shower...

I really wanted to throw something at the screen, but this was only the beginning of the story's downward spiral into flashback/steal a bit from Momento hell. For me, there was no ultimate payoff, just a bunch of unanswered questions and a final scene that had me roaring WHAT?!

M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs) has nothing to worry about from this competitor.

A bunch of lame extras pad out this disc, including the appropriately titled "Bringing order to chaos" featurette.



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