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Psycho: Blu-ray/2-Disc Special Edition


Cast: Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles, Martin Balsam, John Gavin.

Rating: PG

Run time: 109 minutes

Genre: Drama

Verdict: Brilliant (see rating system)

I'm amazed that Alfred Hitchcock's notorious chiller gets a PG rating - I still find it difficult to watch the terrifying shower scene!

If you've never seen Psycho don't worry about "spoilers" here. I'm not going to give anything away - a nod to Hitchcock's own request to theater audiences in 1960 not to reveal the movie's major turning points and surprises to those lining up for the next show.

The basics: Marion Crane (the gorgeous Janet Leigh) is having boyfriend trouble in Phoenix. He (John Gavin) is divorced and flat broke and can only visit her infrequently from the store in a small California town where he works and lives. He says it could be years before he can pay off his debts so they can be together.

Hoping to speed things along, Marion steals $40,000 from her boss and starts driving to California to start a new life with her man.

Along the way, she attracts the attention of a suspicious highway patrol cop who first encounters her asleep in her car at the side of a deserted road, then observes her later buying a used car for cash and dumping her own.

That night, as rain beats down, Marion gets lost and decides to say the night at the isolated Bates Motel, where she appears to be the only guest.

The only people there are the young and lonely Norman Bates, who manages the business, and his overbearing, invalid mother who can be heard cursing Norman in the creepy house behind the motel when he tells her a young woman is staying the night.

Soon, the Bates Motel reveals its terrifying secret - but you're going to have to discover it for yourself...I'm not telling!!

The sinister black and white photography looks great in both the new Blu-ray single disc and 2-DVD editions and the jagged, shrieking score by frequent Hitchcock composer Bernard Herrmann adds to the atmosphere. The many extra eatures include a 90-minute documentary, The Making of Psycho.



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