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Seraphim Falls (2006)


Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Liam Neeson, Anjelica Huston.

Rating: R

Run time: 112 mins

Genre: Western

Verdict: Beautiful (see rating system)

Two Irish guys in a western?

Yup, that's right pardners - and Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson do themselves proud in this rough, two-fisted tale of revenge.

Brosnan is Capt. Gideon, a former Union officer who finds himself being pursued by ex-Confederate Colonel Carver (Neeson), three years after the American Civil War has ended.

Carver blames Gideon for the death of his wife and children during a wartime incident. We see tantalizing flashbacks of the action that started Carver's quest for vebngeance, but it's not until close to the end of the movie that we see exactly what happened and Gideon's role in it.

Considering his life ruined, Carver is determined to kill Gideon and has hired four gunmen to help hunt him down. In the opening sequence, Carver wounds Gideon, who faces a tough fight for survival in a snowy mountain range without his horse or food. There's also the matter of digging a bullet out of his arm with a knife and trying to stay one step ahead of Carver and his gang,

While Neeson is great as the grinly determined Carver, Brosnan really brings Gideon alive, showing him to be a wily opponent who digs deep within himself to survive as the pursuit unfolds in bitter mountain cold then desert heat.

While this movie tanked in limited theatrical release, it’s a great advert for the genre, showing that with a decent script and the right actors westerns can still be entertaining.

The ending, in which Anjelica Huston suddenly appears, doesn't quite have the ring of truth about it, but we do see the two adversaries in a new light as the picture fades to black.

A featurette on the making of the movie is included.



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