Watch TV On Your Computer


Can you imagine the fun of having 3,000 satellite TV stations showing everything from sports to movies 24/7 right on your computer?!

Sounds unbelievable, but it's just a click away with Satellite TV For PC.

As well as top channels like Fox, CNN, ESPN, NBC and the BBC there is a host of specialty channels including lots of music and sports, educational, religious and children's programming - even premium services like Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

And among those 3,000 channels are feeds from 78 countries, from Australia to the United Kingdom, offering service in English, Spanish, German, Italian and other languages. European soccer live anyone? How about golf from sun-baked Spain, or rock, pop, country, folk and classical music from around the globe?

Why bother paying for expensive cable you ask?

Why indeed!

Being able to watch TV on your computer is a natural progression in the growth of home entertainment. Twenty years ago - pre-Internet andpre-email - we played simple arcade games on our computers or wrote neat-looking letters and resumes.

Today, we do our banking on our computers, access a wealth of knowledge and instant news worldwide, send emails, photos and even video ot family, friends and business contacts, watch DVD movies and yes, even play games on them.

Adding thousands of TV stations to our desktop is just one more step in the evolution of the computer to total business and home entertainment centre.

How complicated is it to add 3,000 TV channels to your computer?

It isn't!

For the one-time fee (theprice of a monthly cable bill) you download the software and your computer will go "live" instantly. There's nothing else to pay after you purchase the software.

Click on the image below to find out how you can watch TV on your computer.

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