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Watch TV On Your Laptop


How about adding 3,000 satellite TV stations to your laptop - and accessing them from anywhere in the world?!

No - it's not a fantasy. Everything from movies to sports is available for easy download in a fantastic new program called Satellite TV For PC.

Just connect to the Internet anywhere you and your laptop go and you'll be able to watch Fox, CNN, ESPN, NBC, the BBC and other top channels. There are also dozens of specialty channels providing golf, baseball, football, soccer and other sports plus drama, great movies, music and sports, educational and children's programs. You'll have 24/7 access to premium channels like National Geographic and Discovery Channel.

If you like being in touch with the world you'll love this package - there are channels from 78 countries in English, Spanish, German, Italian and other languages. Get different perspectives on news and current affairs - and enjoy top concerts in every genre from rock and pop to classical and country.

A portable entertainment centre was just a fantastic dream before the Internet age. Now, we can send email, do banking transactions and conduct business online,and even watch a DVD on our laptop while we take a business trip or vacation.

But adding 3,000 TV stations to your laptop takes the technology to a whole diferent level - you're really connected!

Best of all, it is simple to do.

A one-time fee (the price of an average monthly cable bill) will enable you to download the software and your laptop will instantly go "live" with 3,000 satellite channels. You never have to pay another fee - the service is yours for keeps.

Click on the image below to find out how you can watch TV on your laptop.

Click here to get FREE Satellite TV on your PC!



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